FIFO Limited is one of the leading software firm in Bangladesh. This is not just a company rather we are here to offer you an aristocracy in digital technology. We believe, only hard and sophisticated functions is not a good engineering as long as it is handy, stylish, cozy and effective from the very basic to advanced hands. This is why The FIFO is formed to give you an ultimate IT experience you have ever met. Our highly skilled team is always ready to provide you works which are unique in individual area.

We like to consider ourselves “IT Partner” with our clients. The idea behind this, is if our clients become succeed because our creative work what we do provide for them, then we become succeed as a dream maker with their journey. We enjoy learning about clients business type and then we plan with brainstorming and design a perfect model to reach their goal.  Our study, planning, development and support makes so many smiling face home and abroad.

Our team members consist of programmer, graphic designers, networking expert, SEO/SEM experts, marketing specialists, photographers, illustrators, and other creative talents. Our mission is to produce tools for you that make your name well known in your industry and at the same time blow your competition so far out of the water that they will never be able to catch up!

We provide our service in local, national and internationally. Mostly, we deal with the international marketplace, however we prefer local, governmental, corporate or non profit organizations projects. We are glad to work with clients in almost any industry. Truthfully, we work the best with people who have love and passion in IT sector, who wants to grow their business in this area and young energetic entrepreneur to make their dream come true.